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A white-labeled payroll platform built for payroll professionals and practitioners

Key Highlights

  1. This isn't Memorex: Unlike so many SaaS offerings, WholesalePayroll is actually built and functional. Its not vaporware.
  2. Pre-Season: Marketing efforts undertaken in 2022 and 2023 have secured several dozen paid subscribers (roughly 400k/yr in revenue) waiting to onboard
  3. Breaking the Loop: WholesalePayroll's focus is to empower the professional, employer and employee through forward-thinking architecture and a friendly and pleasant user experience. This has a direct impact on professionals offering payroll services by increasing and liberating functions, features, access, and margins.
  4. Bean Stalk Beans: WholesalePayroll is easily scalable by subscribers offering growth opportunities to reach the skies. Its a win-win approach.
  5. But Its a Dry Heat: Functionality for WholesalePayroll means implementing sound business, operational and tax logic into its processes. By doing so, WholesalePayroll enables professional subscribers an ability to utilize the skills, knowledge and expertise acquired with blood, sweat and tears.
  6. Money, Money, Money: WholesalePayroll is based on recurring monthly subscriptions. Subscribers resell the product, with or without white-label feature, using their own revenue models via built-in, automated billing/collection support.
  7. Packed Up and Ready: Through the use of a variety of cutting-edge technologies and techniques, WholesalePayroll makes difficult migration a thing of the past. Subscribers may elect to migrate from competitive platforms virtually overnight. 

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WholesalePayroll debuts new Event pages for the 2023 Scaling New Heights Conference

Our COO, Al Wagner, enjoys a conversation with Dave Zammit

Peter Ocsody, Ph.D., an expert in Impact Investing and Ecosystem Development, has some candid questions for our COO, Al Wagner

Opportunities in Payroll - an Insightful Accountant Podcast with Al Wagner

Platform White-Label Readiness

WholesalePayroll Commercial

Deductions, Garnishments & Contributions

Reporting Sample

2022-09-27 Live Platform Demo

PTO Engine


SAFE - Wholesale Payroll

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